Eliminates Diamond Mining

YKD provides Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (MPCVD)For Lab-Grown Single Crystal Diamonds.We uses an elaborate process to develop 6006 system, and we produce single crystal diamonds with Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition.The final product can rival human exploitation diamond,and the colorless gem grade diamond.Microwave plasma system YKD6006 is designed for chemical vapor deposition of single, poly and nano crystal diamond, Carbon nanotubes and nanowires can also be produced. System consist of Stainless Steel Cylindrical reactor using a TM01x resonant mode. Producing highly energetic plasma, and high concentration of Atomic Hydrogen useful for production of Colorless Gem Grade Diamonds. .

OUR Features

💎Stable Plasma for long deposition.

💎Quick pump down time

💎VCR Grade SS Gas tubes for long life gas delivery.

💎Automatic maintanance and troubleshooting alert system.

💎Five Viewports to growth observation.

Protecting our land, considering environmentally-friendly important No mining, still could produce real diamonds


💎 Machine Product Development

💎Improve Machine Project

💎Automation Project


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About Us

Video Sample

Founder Story

“Diamond, not only a worn beauty, but also without environmental damage, is more dazzling” The founder Victor stumbles onto the lab-grown diamond of Carnegie PhD in Washington. He is excited to find a way to produce diamonds while protecting our land and conserving the environment. It’s worth sustainable development! .

An idea ran through Victor’s mind and he found an opportunity to purchase prototype CVD systems. Using resources that he has; he conducts technical research with a partner who has a PhD. Though problems may put them in tough situations, it is a source of motivation for them to improve machine design. “I enjoy the challenges; it makes me strong!” Victor said. At last, they created the “YKD MPCVD” machine! .

As a way to fulfill his clients’ demands across the world, Victor established branches in several major locations including New York, India, China, Mexico, and Taiwan. In cooperation with a group of people who share interests, they overcome the difficulties of jet lag and insist on having meetings with partners from different countries. In addition, as soon as he receives complaints or problems from his clients, he takes and solves them immediately as a first priority. After his sufficient preparation, he is ready to step forward into the market of the future and broaden the promising possibilities of YKD lab-grown diamonds. .

Contact Info

YK Diamond.
1016 Montana Drive Charlotte,
NC 28216, USA
P:+1 917 767 7373